HE is better, better than even choice foods.

7:25 AM

PSALM 63:5

Yesterday, all day I had this song in my heart.
"You satisfy my soul" by Laura Hackett.

Then today, wouldn't you know, verse five stood out to me as though it was in all CAPS. 
"I will be fully satisfied as with the richest of foods; with singing lips my mouth will praise you." Psalm 63:5
I know this is such a small and simple truth but HE really does satisfy. I am no food connoisseur but I do love a good, rich, meal. Especially being pregnant I can so relate to David as he uses rich foods in a comparison of how good our Jesus truly is. 
What verse stood out to you today?
What can you do today to pause and remember that he satisfies our souls? 
Our hearts hold deep longings. There are places in our heart where they are unsettled. These empty places leave us starving for something more. We lie awake in the night watch hours, wondering, "Will he?, Can He?" The answer is, "YES. YES. YES he can and will fill these places and satisfy you." 
However, these urges if covered over with the things of the world will still leave us empty, but when we run to our sweet Jesus, HE WILL SATISFY. He longs to take you into a place of rest where we cease from striving and straining and we can just be. BE in Him, and He in us. BE at peace, be content, be settled, be secure, be love, be joy, be so tightly knit together with our Lord that we become a beautiful tapestry used for His purpose and glory.

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