About Me

Motherhood is hard.  And I believe we moms are better together.  Complimenting each other instead of eyeing one another up with a jealous eye.  We are all trying our best to live this life and raise our children. We have a hard job of living out beauty in the midst of a sometimes not so beautiful world. Hug the next mom you see and tell her she is beautiful, and she is doing a great job! 
I have chosen a few of my favorite pictures to illustrate and give you a peek into my life. Isn't that what we all really want to know and see is the real day to day, the real, the messy, so here it goes, here is the genuine me..... 

I believe there is beauty and wonder all around.  I believe in counting gifts.  

I love long walks, in the light of the setting sun.  I am blessed to walk through this life with a gift from heaven. 

My husband is my friend, my pillar of strength, my protector, and encourager.  He shows me the love of Christ day in and day out.  

COFFEE, well this is a MUST. And I believe the song should have gone like this, "It's all 'bout that coffee, 'bout that coffee." 

I love spring and the newness of life.  I love the reminder the seasons bring.  There is a time and season for everything. There are new mercies awaiting us and we can always start anew. 

I love holding hands, and holding onto a promise we made to each other almost eight years ago.  I believe in commitment, loyalty, honor, and the power of two lives joined as one.  I believe there is nothing I cannot do without my love by my side. 

FALL.  Need I say more, the colors, the smells, football, bonfires, the crisp wind, and golden accents.  There is not a season more glorious. (IMO)

Late night movies, resting, and being  couch potato.  However, these are becoming few and far in-between. 

My grandmother's china.   Fragile pieces of the past are left for generations to see and know there are fragile things in life. Life is fragile and needs our tender care and love. Fragile pieces reminding me of the care 
HE gives. 

Holiday flavors from starbucks.  I adore the reds cups!!  This is a sign the holidays and my favorite time of year is right around the corner! 

I am a fighter.  I actually enjoy a good work out and challenge.  I fight for hope, and strongly believe in fighting for people.  Believing in others when most  give up and cast them to the side.  I am an optimist, and encourager. 

Traveling.  I love a new journey.  I love the adventure and memories a road trip brings into our lives. 

They are a must.  

I am a professional at building zoos with my oldest son.  I love his imagination.  His little mind is alive, vivid, wild and free.

Quiet time in the mornings with my first love, and Savior. 

We don't get snow here very often in the South, but I love winter. I love scarves, and layers of warmth, fires, and homemade vegetable soups.  

These two boys.  
My heart explodes when I hear them laughing and playing together. 

Feeding the birds. 

Outside Play

I don't always wear make up, and most of the time I am all but put together.  I get messy, and explore life with my littles.  These are the days and moments I cherish most.  The messy.  The laughs. The sun.

Watching and learning from my boys. They teach me so much about life.  Their love for others, they never meet strangers, and never hold grudges.  

Most days, I just bow my head and smile.  This life is mine.  I can't fathom the redemption power of Christ.  He took this broken, abused, orphan and made me His and gave me new life.  How can this be?

Being able to walk with my little's as they experience their first.  This is an honor. I will value and hold them close to my heart.  The rapid pace at which they grow is shocking me.  I strive to take it all in.  Maybe that is why I take so many photos.  I just don't want to forget this life and all the beauty it holds.   

I love my energetic boys.  I love when they play "rough" with their dad.  My house is usually out of sorts and loud.  I trip over toys, and stumble upon legos. All which remind me to relax, breathe it in, and fall into His grace.

Above all of this, I love He who gave His life so I could have this life.  This is our life, messy, stressful and full.  There are days the boys don't nap.  Weeks our schedules bind us to appointments and meetings instead of each other.  There are months of hard truth and tears I shed.  This life is anything but easy.  I strive to choose thanksgiving over discontentment.  I count my gifts and thank the Giver.  HE who has graced me with this life.  I have been graced with hope, and for this I am forever thankful. 

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