Accepting A Challenge: 31 Days of Writing

12:16 PM

CHALLENGES we all have them.  We may not always accept them with eagerness and excitement, but they are there awaiting us, staring us in the face.  What if we lived a life that welcomed challenges?  BIG and small, easy and HARD.  I will be the first to admit I don't always joyfully welcome a challenge.  Most of the time I accept them but with much fear and dismay.  I try very hard, especially now after birthing two beautiful boys, to face my challenges with confidence and show little fear.  I don't want my fears to become their fears.  I want them to be strong and brave.  To be of COURAGE for He has overcome the world. A few months back Jude faced a challenge with no fear or intimidation.  He challenges me daily to be BRAVE and have faith in myself and HIS spirit that is within in me.  My almost three year old teaches me on a daily basis how to overcome fear and conquer challenges.  I don't think there has been a challenge yet that he has faced that he doesn't accept and conquer.  He truly has no fear.  One of the big things he conquered was this HUGE water slide.  

Now to you and I this doesn't look all that BIG, but to a (at the time 2 year old) this was a huge deal.  I am thrilled to say that he conquered this one not once but as many times as he could in the short 10 minutes we had left of his swim class.  Funny thing about challenges, once we accept and conquer them we are FREED.  Filled with excitement and rush. We get a high that comes within that drives us to keep going, do more, conquer more.  Challenges have a way of making us stronger, brave, and more confident.  Challenges prepare us for the journey of life.  Just like with King David the challenges in his early life prepared him and equipped him for the challenges to come in his later life.  

Looking back at this year I am not sure that I faced all of my challenges in the eyes and conquered them.  However, when I saw this challenge from the something inside of me wanted to take it.  I want to finish the year strong, I want to conquer fears, I want to rediscover just exactly who HE is inside of me.  I want to look at my challenges that He gives me and accept them with confidence in Him alone.  I will be blogging, journalling, writing whatever you'd like to call it for 31 consecutive days.  Wow, yes THIRTY ONE days. 

I have always wanted to write, and blog and share His voice that has so tenderly brought healing, grace, encouragement, strength, power, wisdom and so much more to my life.  For whatever reasons I have shied away maybe some of you reading can relate.  I have used excuses to push this desire down and away, to silence His voice inside of me to share His Word with others. I have realized that I do have time, I just have to readjust my time, learn to steward the most valuable gift He has given me well.  I am not fearful for what is there to fear in those that are hidden in Christ Jesus.  I do have a voice, His voice and it does matter.  What I write and share may never reach the masses but if it reaches one, then it was worth the time, typos and facing my fears.  I, You, the one, we are worth it.  He left heaven for us.  We are worth more than we can fully understand.  

So I accept this challenge with fear, anxiety, that I may not be able to complete it, that I won't be able to come up with something for everyday, but HE will. HE will give me HIS Words for just the right person, at just the right time, even if its just for one.  

So will you join me on this challenge, cheer me on, encourage me and I promise to do the same for you.  My prayer is that through this you to will find the challenge you are most fearful of and conquer it.  May we together find out that it is not so scary after all!! IT is quite the opposite, it is exhilarating, freeing, strengthening, and creating an inner Bravery within us by His spirit to answer the call and allow Him to reveal His strength and greatness through us.  

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