Quiet - A Five Minute Friday Post

6:52 PM

“In the silence you are speaking in the quiet I can feel the fire and its burning, burning deeply.”  This is one of my favorite lines from a Jason Upton song "In the silence" Click HERE. 

With all the noise and business it is so hard to really listen.  Someone once told me there is a difference between hearing and listening.  “You hear me, but you are not listening.”  It is easy to hear a lot of different sounds and voices these days.  Seems like there is always noise.  Kids, TV, Phones, Music, people talking, thoughts whirling. 

I want to encourage you to really try to make five or ten minutes of quiet.  Quiet.  Just peace.  Quiet is the sound of nothing, but it is also the sound of something refreshing. 

In the silence He is speaking.  Listen.  Quiet your mind, heart, and soul and listen.  He is there in the stillness in the quiet burning.  


Every Friday Kate Montaung host a beautiful twitter party. #fmfparty You should really stop over and check out all the other incredible ladies post who going us. AH -mazing writers over at her place.  She gives a prompt word and we get to write for five minutes.  Free of any restrictions, just write.  

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  1. :) I love quiet! I especially enjoy the quiet of nature (ok, sometimes, nature isn't that quiet). I'm learning that spending time in quiet is a not only a form of self-care, it's part of self-nurturing, too!

    1. I know, it is a part of self-care such an important part, I don't get a lot because of the season of life but I do try to take advantage of the moments I get and drink them in deeply! :)

  2. Love this friend! I'll have to check out that sing. I don't think I've heard it before.

  3. Oh, yes it is an old one but I enjoy playing his music quietly while I pray or read. He is kind of spontaneous and I really like that. I like Psalm 23 he does as well.

  4. Thank you Laura for the reminder of choosing quiet. I don't do it enough! It's so easy to turn the TV on when I come home from work and start making dinner. My new choice? Worship music ; )

  5. I say that to my husband all the time, "You hear me but you are not listening." Thank you for all your encouraging comments on my blog. Love you!

  6. You and I were thinking along the same lines this week, my friend! Blessings to you!


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