Everyday Is A New Day!

11:14 AM

Everyday is a New day!
Everyday is an Exciting day!

I have always dreamt of blogging, working from home, using my gifts and talents.  So today I decided with the help of a friend to start this journey.  I'm not sure if I will ever be as popular as thepioneerwoman.com, younghouselove.com, or a newly added fave kevinandamanda.com blogs and several others out there, however I will not stop the pursuit a dream because of fear.  No one will read, I don't have time, what would I write about?? These are all thoughts that would come to mind.  Slowly over a series of emails and brunch with a friend I decided that I believe in me.  I am special and I do count.  I have something to offer all of those out there that might be in the same spot I was in... always reading, wishing, but never writing and being fulfilled. 

Today is the start of everyday.  I may miss some days, and I may not have much to write other days, but my goal is that when I do blog that those who read will smile, laugh, dream, and be all that they were created to be! Life is too short to live in fear, doubt, and hesitation.  Live the one life you have!  Stepping out into the unknown is incredibly exciting! I hope you will come along with me and bring others with you into this journey of life and learn to live everyday with excitement.

~Laura Lynn

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  1. I love this Laura Lynn! IT's awesome!

  2. Laura, good luck with your blog. I want you to know how proud I am of you. Love Diana

  3. hey, pretty good for an incredibly beautiful young and talented lady who just happens to be married to my first born. Loved it, keep 'em comin', blog your heart out gurl!!!

  4. Loved it! You are incredible and a inspiration to all of us!


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