Do you often loose sight of what is important?

12:44 PM

I can quickly loose sight of what is important.  I’m not sure any of us truly like to admit shortcomings.  However, the more I lean into Jesus the more I am ok with relinquishing my faults and embracing his grace.  Reading through Psalm in just the last short two weeks, I feel as though I find the sacred places of my heart laid bare.  It is as if the writer knows me.  With every word, sentence, and lyric penned out I find myself there alone, yet not forsaken. 

There are quiet moments when I see His faithfulness swirling all around me then like the flip of a switch there are deafening moments where all I can hear is the roar of lies and doubt.  This is where I frequently find myself between faithfulness and doubt.  I feel like the boy’s father in Mark 9:24, “I believe, but help my unbelief.”

Maybe you are in the same place as the writer here in Psalm, yet again feeling trapped by unbelief, left devastated by an unexpected outcome, or just plain tired of even trying to hold onto faith.  Perhaps, like me, you seem to fumble around grasping at even the slightest bit of faith. 

I often feel like a delirious woman, in the night, trying to find her way.  As fog fills her mind she desperately reaches out trying to steady herself, before she falls.  In my walk I even as a “pastor’s wife” struggle not to loose sight, and to hold tight to the promises of God. 

Psalm 13:5

I trust in your unfailing love. 
I will rejoice because you have rescued me.
I will sing to the Lord because he is good to me.

Do you often loose sight of what is important?
List three things you can look back on and see how God was faithful.
Share a favorite song you listen to when you feel discouraged.


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