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I have had the privilege of getting to know Wendy Speake over the last year and a half via her Facebook Group (click here).  She is filled with wisdom, gracious, and kind.  I recently had the honor of meeting Amber Lia, who is also knowledgeable, fears the Lord, and who is generous with her insight into raising children.  These two ladies are the forerunners of a movement, leading women out of frustration and anger, into love and kindness enabling us as mothers to lead our children to Christ and repentance.  

I have been able to work behind the scenes with many others as they prepare to release their book TRIGGERS.  Humbled is an understatement when I was invited to participate in a pre release study with them.   As they dissected chapter after chapter and led hundreds of women through TRIGGERS, (we all have or will face at some point in our parenting journey) I slowly found the atmosphere of my heart transforming along with countless other mothers.  It is with great joy that I join in celebrating their labor of love.  Prayers have been whispered tears have been shed and our greatest desire is that TRIGGERS will empower you as a mother, restore the joy and honor of parenting, and transform your heart and home.

Would you welcome Amber and Wendy today as we get an inside look into their hearts and lives.


Wendy: Without a doubt, it’s chapter 15, sometimes daily. It’s easy for me to get into a negative pattern, wondering, “When will my children ever change?!” Writing this chapter was absolutely me preaching to my own heart. What I’ve learned is that I’m the one in need of change, over and over again. Does anyone remember the song, “Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me”? Yes, that!

Amber: Sibling Rivalry in chapter 7! I feel myself immediately tense and prone to react when they fight amongst themselves, especially if they get physical with one another. It sets me off like nothing else can. I think that the hardest part is taking the time to calmly investigate, and to release the old pattern of thinking that I have to fix everything. Instead of rushing in with a quick punishment, I want to take the time to ask them probing questions that get them thinking about their behavior and reach their hearts. I don’t want them to get along to avoid my angry reactions. I want them to have harmony in their relationships as siblings because they love and respect one another. That can often take an entire childhood.


Wendy: Goodness, couldn’t this be a whole chapter in a whole other book? Of course, the right answer is that I confess my sin to the Lord, and remember that this is why He came — to die for my sin-stained tendencies. Then I humbly go to my kiddos and ask them for their forgiveness, too. We talk about how to treat one another better and then we work to shift our gaze away from those problematic trigger areas and turn purposefully back to the light of our very blessed days! That’s the Sunday School answer, the parenting book answer. However, in real life, sometimes I forget, and I have to put myself in time-out for a bit so that I can calm down first. This is huge for me. When I sit in my “time-out chair,” I can meditate on what is true and lovely and right and pure in our sweet family.


Amber: Wendy and I were leading a series about the most common triggers toward anger in our private Facebook group for moms who struggle with anger and yelling. It was clear from the get-go that this was a huge need! Moms needed a good balance of biblical insights and practical helps to combat their most common triggers—like back talking, messy houses, and exhaustion. We all needed to rewire our thinking to consider that triggers could equal opportunities instead of temptations that set us off and harm our kids.  Every day, we felt the Holy Spirit moving in the group, and the women responded so transparently and honestly to our encouragement that we knew early on that we wanted women outside this group to be blessed by Triggers, too. As soon as I mentioned the idea to Wendy, she immediately agreed, and Triggers was born!


A former high school English teacher, Amber is a work-at-home mom of 3 little boys under the age of 8. She and her husband Guy own Storehouse Media Group, a faith-friendly and family-friendly TV and Film production company in Los Angeles, CA. When she’s not building sand castles with her boys on the beach, or searching for Nerf darts all over her house, you can find Amber writing to encourage families on her blog at Mother of Knights.


Wendy Speake is a trained actress and heartfelt Bible teacher. She tells stories both on page and stage that allow her to point women toward Jesus on their hardest mothering days. You can follow along at or find her regularly as a guest at The MOB Society. Wendy resides in sunny San Diego with her handsome husband and their three ruddy boys. 

I hope you have enjoyed getting to know the authors a little bit better.  Don't forget to purchase your copy at any of the links below, and share with another mom.  

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Join me tomorrow as I share another inside look, Chapter 16: Lack of Faith, and how lack of faith can diminish our influence over our children and how we lead our homes.  Did you know your lack of faith could be one of the main TRIGGERS in your heart and home?

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