Why I love "Triggers": A sneak peak into the book that is changing the way I parent.

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It’s LAUNCH DAY for my friends Wendy and Amber.  I have been praying, planning, and preparing for this day alongside my friends for a few months now.  I wanted to give all my readers an inside peak into some of my favorite quotes from their book and provide all the links you need to get your copy today!

“As mothers, we forget that our kids are immature.  Yes, they will also be out rightly defiant at times; but I find that often we are dealing with our own unreasonable expectations for obedience.  These expectations lead to biting and cutting punishment, instead of training our children in the way they should go by pointing them to Christ.”

“Whining is not a sin, it’s merely a sign: 
A sign that they still have a few things to learn.”

“Peacemaking moms produce peacemaking kids."

Each chapter is jammed packed full of scriptures and sound wisdom on how to direct our hearts and our children’s hearts to the Lord.  I also love that every chapter ends with a prayer to help navigate our overwhelmed hearts into His presence.

Here is one of the prayers from the book,

 “Dear God, You want all of Your children to be obedient.  I know that when we obey You, we receive blessing and You are glorified.  Father, I want to raise obedient children, but I also want to model obedience to You in my own life.  Help me to see my kids through Your eyes and to be their enthusiastic coach, lovingly pointing them to Your standards with grace and truth, instead of anger.  Replace my frustrations with mercy.  Make me slow to anger!  Help me to run alongside my children, championing them and loving them well, even when they disobey.  May we all be more like You, Lord Jesus!  Thank You for Your promises to help me 
become a godly mom!

In Jesus’ name,

Join me back here tomorrow for an exclusive interview with the authors of TRIGGERS.  And don’t forget to get your copy today.  Join us as we start a movement of transforming the way we mother our children as we learn how to exchange our anger for gentle Biblical responses.

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