Smiling in the Face of Fear

9:14 PM

About a month ago when the Lord laid this theme on my heart, there were specific individuals he asked me highlight.  “I’m calling them out, a voice in the night to be my light.  A light of HOPE. I am surrounding them, my glory is their rear guard.  Each of them bear my name,  and I long to do the same for everyone experiencing the same kind of pain. I will heal, send peace, restore, and redeem.”

Kasee Maxwell, was a young lady I couldn’t shake from my mind.  When I first heard the news of her diagnosis, my heart broke.  Over the last two years I can honestly say I have learned what the Lord meant when He spoke of mourning with those who mourn and rejoicing with those who rejoice. 
(Romans 12:15)

He has allowed me the honor of walking with some of the most incredible women in their deepest, darkest, most horrific moments of life, into the muddy, ugly, heart wrenching trenches of their lives.  We have cried together, laughed together, shared coffee together, hugged, and prayed for each other.  They have taught me and taken me into a new depth of the Love of Christ.  The women you are reading about are no different than you and I.  They help us find our own way. 

I thought I was holding their hands helping them find their way, when along I am finding they are the ones holding my hand helping me find the way.

A better way, a way of strength, a way of pain, a way of brokenness, a way most days filled with tears, a way of great victories, a way of tumultuous hardships, a way of healing, a way of living, a way of dignity, a way of forgiveness, a way of compassion, a desire for more of His ways. With eager anticipation I can feel my heart burst within, pushing me on, to keep on, this way until I find myself in His arms.


“For many years, I battled what felt like a never-ending cycle of unforgiveness and self-hate. Due to circumstances that took place during this life, some in my control and some out, I allowed myself to be thrown into a pit of self-abuse (I like the way Laura describes this pit and self-abuse in her earlier post, read more here). I let fear and shame control how I viewed myself. This spiraled into a life-threatening struggle with depression, eating disorders, and suicide. I never knew it was possible for me to love myself, let alone anyone else to love me. I had an incredibly distorted view of what love really was.

But, then came His redemption. His overwhelming, beautiful, passionate ransom, Jesus came to my rescue. God stepped in and wrecked my world in the best possible way. He showed me what love was, that I was pure and spotless in His eyes. He sent me an incredible man that I now call my husband.

And even though I now face some serious health issues, my Redeemer is using this time to show me that He is love me, to heal me not only physically but in every area of my life, and to restore me. He is bringing my soul to rest, in Him, especially during trying times. HE makes me brave. He makes US brave.  This is why I can smile, His love has ransomed me, I will clothe myself in strength, His strength and walk in dignity, I will laugh at the days to come and I will not fear.”

To find out more about Kasee’s health issues and how you can support her please click HERE:

Support financially click HERE:

To watch a video from Kasee and her husband click HERE:

Photo Attributions: Jennifer Blair Photography, Katie Kowalski, and Kasee Maxwell

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  1. Thank you for sharing this story! I, too, have been battling some very difficult health issues this past year, and it's been a long journey. My prayers are with Kasee!

    Anastasia Rose

    1. My prayers are with you, even now....
      I ask that you encourage my sister, heal her and give her strength to face everyday the difficulties this life brings. I thank you that even on our worst days we can look fear in the face and laugh for our Conquering King has brought us new life and paid our price. Thank you for hearing our cries and soothing our hearts. I ask that you overwhelm her with peace and bring comfort to her aching heart. Relieve her worst fears and shine hope on her day with your glory!

  2. I am so sorry for your friend. I pray that she would have strength and hope today - and you, too. I agree, my friends who have struggled with illness have often been the ones to lead me through my own pain. The Lord works through us, whether we think we have the strength or not. May God bless you and keep you.

    1. Leah, thank you for your prayers for Kasee and the many others facing health issues. I am confident that we can come together in HIs name and ask and it shall be done according to His word thank you for taking time to read and pray for her!

  3. This is beautiful. Praying for your friend!

    1. Thank you she is traveling in the near future to talk with Doctors and start surgery and the healing process! Please continue to pray for her on her journey!


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