These boots were made for walking and that's just what they'll do........

1:40 PM

It doesn’t take much to flood my back yard, and in light of the last three weeks of sleet, snow, ice, and rain the yard is complete mush.  Beneath the mush, muck, and mire there are well-nourished roots.  Hidden deep down under the ground lays strength.  The surface is muddy, filled with dead leaves, oh but under the surface lies a beauty that is just bursting to spring forth in new life. 

I can’t help but to see a resemblance of myself in all that mush.  On the surface I am a HOT mess most days.  Hair out of place, house way out of sorts, and a to do list that is way more than a mile long.   There is something hidden deep within that draws me out of the mush and says there is beauty that is lying beneath needing to burst forth.  Well-nourished roots that have grown in the mush are now budding and ready to reflect His beauty.

This beauty is not that of skin care and make up, clothes that reflect the latest trends, or material things that “add” I mean diminishes my value.  This is the beauty of the working of the Lord.  I am learning I genuinely LOVE every season.  I just love the glorious colors of fall that carry us into the bleak winter months of cloudy days and cold nights, which upon the blistering winds carry us into the newness of spring and into the warm days of summer. 

Life is seasonal.  Within each season of life there is awe, jaw, dropping beauty!!  In the winter seasons when we feel hidden, overlooked, and covered in mush, baby food, throw up, poop, laundry, and dishes we are not!  We are His workmanship!!! A masterpiece in the making!  There is not one artist I know that rushes through a piece of art he is working on. 

No, the artist diligently and tediously works at his piece until in HIS eyes it is PERFECT, complete, lacking nothing.  This friend is how our Creator works slowly and with precision.  He works under the surface, in the heart of our life, He creates an inward beauty longing to burst forth.  You are being nourished in your season of mush and those roots are being formed and one day they will declare the works of His hands.  He diligently forms you, fashions you, molds you and in the end you there covered in muck, you will begin to REFLECT the beauty of the most Glorious King.

No the mush the rain, the messy life, the seasons of gray clouds that surround you are not without purpose.  You are not without purpose.  Do not listen to the lies of the enemy, your life is the exact opposite of a mistake, your life is designed with precision, purpose, value, and only you can complete the purpose for which he made you.  And your life circumstances no worry they are there to equip you, empower you, even encourage you for a greater life and days ahead. 

I will grab my rain boots or my gospel shoes of peace as Ephesians says and I will tread through and look for new sprouts of life in my heart and in my home!  So bring on the rain, let it flood my life, may it make a mess, and turn me into mush so that in the spring I will reflect the beauty of all He has done, and will continue to do.  In the meantime I will frolic, and dance in the rain.  I will sing and play in the rain.  I will laugh and cry in the rain, but most of all I will give thanks for the rain and serve the Lord with gladness!

What about you are you a mess today?  Are you in a mushy, muddy, messy season of life?  Do you need some rain boots so that you can walk and tread through the day?


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  1. Glad I read this. Today is gloomy, dreary, gray and muddy! But I will praise Him! Getting my rain boots out! Thanks, Laura!


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