No, it won't Always go the way it should..... But I know The heart of life is good.

2:15 PM

When our lives reflect lies, sometimes it hard to see and believe the heart of life is good.  Our lives sometimes reflect contradictions instead of true beauty.  Contradictions of good, circumstances leave us confounded, breathless, even speechless.  The pain of life and death numbs our weary souls and we can no longer see any good.  Good could not EVER remotely look like this..... shattered pieces of our broken and fragile hearts become shards of pain piercing our hearts leaving us scarred.

Broken dreams, failed marriages, illness, death, betrayal, deceit, selfish ambitions how can anything which resembles these things birth anything good?

I have asked myself countless times, 
"how can anything good come from this?!"

The truth, nothing good can come from man.  We are born sinners.  Momentarily, it may seem as though nothing good is or will or could come from your life and situation.  

Friend, you are right, but this is only momentarily.  While nothing good can come from us, He promises to come.  And come He will.  INTO us.  When He comes INTO your life and situation, then and only then will good come. He is good and He will come INTO your life

I am the Vine; you are the branches. Whoever lives in Me and I in him bears much (abundant) fruit. However, apart from Me [cut off from vital union with Me] 
you can do nothing. John 15:5 

Apart from HIM I can do nothing.  I was a branch broken and cut off.  Nothing good comes from death, except new life.  He in His goodness, took me and grafted me in, giving me new life.  It isn't until He comes into the evil, that something good can come from all of this. This pain. This shame.

He came into THIS. Into. Dirt. Guilt. Sin. Flesh.  HE took on my resemblance, a body made of flesh, sinews, joints, marrow, and bore my sin, my shame, as he hung on the cross.  He exchanged his perfect son whose image we were created in and took on my sinful image.  How could anything good come from this?  Yet there in the grime and dirt, He was and He is and will always be good.  

In his goodness he came, he gave, and now I am reborn and once again I bear His name, reflect His image, and I am made good.  He covered himself in shame so I could bear His name, and that my friend is good.  

A debt was mine and I couldn't repay, and he paid it all at the mention of his name.  In my weakness and shame I whispered his name and he made good my name.  Called me his own. Signing his name next to mine he made good on something I could not make good.   

He is good and he makes good. This Good Friday I am once again reminded that yes nothing good can come of my wayward heart. But he came and still comes into our wayward hearts and makes good. The heart of life is good, He is the heart, and he has given me a new heart, name, and has made good. 

He has made right my wrongs, and it is good. Good will come, good has come, and we can know His name forever, a name above all names good and bad. King Jesus.

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