Five Minute Friday: First

8:26 PM

First things First

If you don’t know what Five Minute Friday it is an insanely fun party that happens every Thursday night via twitter.  Kate is gracious and hosts a link up party at her place every week. (Check her blog out HERE) We are given a word prompt and then we set the timer for five minutes and type our little fingers away. 

So this is the first one of the 2016-year. 


First off let me be the first to admit I kind of have a love hate relationship with the New Year.  I feel like I lie to myself, with good intention but with no real plan of action.  I am kind of over the New Year and new beginnings.  I feel like everyday is a new beginning.  Don’t get me wrong I do like the feeling of starting fresh.  A new slate, but this year I just want genuine heart change.  

I want to have God goals and not just good goals.  I want to seek him more than ever to find out his plan and partner with him to see His plan come to pass in my life.  Honestly, I haven’t even made any goals for this year yet.  I kind of feel guilty that I haven’t made any.  I kind of lack the motivation to even make goals, because I'm tired of feeling like a failure.  

I guess this year my goal is to just simply seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and trust his promise that he will add everything else unto me.  Everything that I need he will add to my life as long as I do my part and that starts with me seeking him first.  So I guess the first thing I am doing on the start of this New Year is to seek him first. Plain and simple I need him first.  First and foremost I need him.

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  1. I gave up on resolutions a couple of years ago. Instead, I identify a problem and come up with a solution and then just start doing it. For example--Need more exercise? I park in the back forty of every parking lot. Why waste gas looking for a spot closer when you can get some extra exercise in the same amount of time it takes to go round and round the lot looking for a close space ;).

    1. Im glad I am not the only one who has thrown them out. I love this idea!!! I have to admit that with little ones I am usually on the hunt for a spot by the carts!

  2. Seek ye first the kingdom of God! I've missed you lots friend. God goals vs good goals? I want to have God goals too. I'm parked in the #6 spot this week.

    1. I have missed you ladies, yes I feel like the Lord just kind of dropped that in my heart. I am speaking to our ladies about that on the 16th. Good goals vs God goals, what does His goal, his expectation look like for my life according to scripture and what is my part. I plan on doing a post about it later on this month. I can't wait to come see you at #6!!! :)

  3. Great post! Seems like our thoughts went into similar directions. I, too, am weary of setting all these goals and feeling disappointed by January 10. So I decided to not set goals this year, to not do but just be.
    Seeking God and his kingdom first is a very good GOD goal this year, may you find lots of treasures along the way!

  4. Hi Laura,

    I also love that phrase, God goals vs. good goals. It is so easy to get caught up in doing and forget that none of it truly matters if our focus isn't on Him when we are doing it.

    And I usually experience so much frustration when I try to just get a lot done to make myself feel like I'm doing good things.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. I haven't really like the list of resolutions that are made at the beginning of the year. Studies have shown that 85% of the people who make resolutions have discarded them after Jan. 15. What a waste of intentions. What I love is the one word theme. It applies to every area of your life and I think I've had better luck with sticking to my theme. I also wrote a post on my old blog about is God in your plan I think I am going to revise and repost it is so important to put God at the center of everything, #FMF

  6. I think seeking HIM first trumps any other goal you could possibly make. Glad you're here at FMF!!

  7. God goals and not good that, Laura! Me, too!

    #5at FMF this week.


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