Marred Vessels

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Marred: to damage or spoil to a certain extent; render less perfect, attractive, useful, etc.; impair or spoil (

Have you ever felt this way before?  Less than perfect.  Slightly, unattractive.  Not quite as useful.   I imagine if we are all HONEST there is not one reading this who cannot say without hesitation, “YES.” 

I had a mentor tell me once to never hide your scars they are beautiful, a perfect picture of healing. Grace. Redemption. Marred.  I never really thought about my scars as beautiful.  These words resonated with me.  I quietly listened as they echoed for weeks, even months in the corridors of my heart and mind. 

“Your scars, the places you strive to mask, these places are where my glory is revealed.  Why would you hide my beauty, healing, grace?  Your scars like mine tell the most beautiful story of all.”

“Sissy, don’t throw that!”  I can still hear his squeaky voice screaming at me in hopes to keep me from getting hurt.

I in my great wisdom at seven years year old chose to ignore my older brother.  Sibling rivalry couldn’t be strong between he and I at this time in our lives.  I now know twenty-four years later he really was trying to save me from anguish. 

I threw the board into the bright blue sky except it went nowhere not up, not down, just into my hand.  The board I had chosen to use had a nail bent sticking out, and as I threw it, somehow the rusty nail slid into the palm of my hand as though it was a major league baseball player sliding into home plate.

I still have a scar on my right hand just under my thumb.  I will never forget this day I became marred partly, because the aftermath was a little traumatic for me.  I ended up with a couple of stitches and bloody mess. 

For the rest of my life I have a scar to remind me, I don’t know it all!  I didn’t know it all then, and I sure don’t know it all now.

Scars tell stories of events.  Scars are like a timeline and a history book of our life.  Perhaps the mar you are dealing with today was because you didn’t heed wisdom when she called.  Maybe your scar is from someone else’s careless and wreck less decisions. 

I have many scars, and they tell many stories. Today I just wanted to share kind of a funny one about not listening to wisdom.  If I wasn’t in competition with my brother, and had I listened to him, had I not wanted to be the hero I wouldn’t have this in particular scar on my hand. 

I also heard my mentor tell the story of two ladies who realized they had the same scar.  She looked into our eyes and the light bulb went off.  We, You and I, we are not in this alone.  We are in this together. 

The lady looked into the eyes of the other lady and said, “You have my scar.”  She recognized her scar in the scar of another’s.  It was in this moment I realized He wears our scars as well.  He says to us, “I have your scar.” 

He healed us, and bore our scars to show us healing is in his hands.  Friend if you are hurting and are marred like me in too many ways to count, would you listen to Jesus as he whispers, “I have your scar.  I bore your pain on the cross; I can heal your pain.  Your scars can tell a new story.  A story of love, and healing.  HOPE.  A life full of beauty, because you came to me and I healed you.  Your scars don’t have to tell of devastation and hurt anymore.  No I make all things new they can tell a new story.”

I pray for those who have wounds that are not yet healed.  I ask that you would embrace them and heal their broken dreams, hearts, and minds.  I ask that you would take away their disappointment and unfulfilled expectations and restore them.  Give them a new story.  Let your healing rise like the dawn, and let wounds heal into beautiful scars reminding them that they are useful in your hands, they are beautiful, and they have purpose. Bring my friends peace where there is chaos and trauma.  In the darkest of places you shine brightest.  I thank you that joy comes in the morning.  Please heal them, comfort them, and hold them until it is time to remove the stitches.  May their healing come quickly but may they not pick at the stitches and remove them prematurely causing infection.  Let your process bring forth patience and a pure heart of gold in my friends.  I love you.  I trust you.  I believe you can do miracles in the lives of all who surrender to you.  Let them one day be able to look into the eyes of the hurting with empathy and say, “I have that same scar.”  May they share your story of redemption and healing to all who come into their lives.

In your beautiful name,

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  1. This is so beautiful! I have a lot of scars - physical and emotional, and have been so blessed with people in my life who know the feeling.

    1. Melissa thank you. I have so many scars emotionally and physically I feel like I could have written about so much more maybe I will go back and write a little more on them, and how the Lord has used them to touch others.


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