Grace, is not my middle name.

12:35 PM

Praise the Lord it is worship Wednesday!  If you are anything like me and nothing at all like me, we together are in a perfect place to pause and give grace.  Grace to each other, grace to ourselves, grace to our children, and even yes I am going there…. grace to our in-laws, neighbors, strangers hidden and woven into the tapestry of our days. 

I am standing in deep grace today, you thought I was going to say something else didn't  you?  Just kidding.  It is true that I am waist deep in laundry (I am convinced this will never change), dishes, and various other things but the one thing I most deep in like over my head is GRACE.

I am worshiping the One, over here, who has given me abundant grace.  Feelings of inadequacy flood my soul.  Yet I hear him whisper, “did you forget to give yourself grace?”. Can you breathe in with me and release disappointment?

Sometimes I just want to do away with me and be someone else.

BUT the One full of grace wants me to come away with him so He can show me somebody else.  He wants to reveal to me the inner workings of myself.  The frailties and gift me with grace to be more like Him.  He wants to show me Holy Spirit living, breathing, and invading every cell of my being. 

Would you stop wherever you are and pray this simple prayer?  Open handed, and with vocal chords vibrating say this aloud. 

Father I let go.  I let go of my disappointments, and I choose to breathe you in.  Breathe in all your grace, in all your glory, in all your goodness.  If my weakness is a canvas for you to paint your masterpiece of grace upon then I give you me in all my mess.  Wisk me away and show me my frailties, help me to realize they are gifts and not penalties.  They bring glory to you by giving way to opportunities for you to shine through me.  Thank you for grace, and than you for teaching me the beauty in giving grace to others.  Grace strips away comparison and smothers envy breaks every ounce of jealousy and brings miraculous healing to the body of Christ.  You were broken for our transgression every single one them, bruised for our iniquity, and beaten for our healing.  Thank you for grace. 


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  1. Lovely. Love that song, love your words. I needed this today.

  2. Grace! And how much do I love this since my Write 31 days series is all about GRACE!

  3. His AMAZING Grace - how sweet the sound. Sweet reminder tonight dear one!!! Love the song too - thank you!!!! Love that you were #2 on my reading list tonight!!!!!

  4. Beautifully written and a great reminder.Always in need of grace.

  5. Oh Laura, this is beautiful. For some reason, the phrase "Give yourself some grace" has lost some meaning for me. It seems like a phrase that gets thrown around whenever we are feeling lazy... but in the context you write here, listening to the Lord remind me that HE gives grace and why shouldn't I do the same?... that changes things. Thank you for the reminder.


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