Sunday Eucharisteo

7:13 PM

Breathe and now Exhale.

A few years ago I read Ann Voskamp's book A Thousand Gifts.  IF you haven't read this STOP now and go buy it!!! BUY IT NOW.  CLICK HERE

This book change my heart in more ways than I could ever write about but mostly by teaching me that thanks always precedes the miracle.

Last Sunday I wrote about taking time to pause and give thanks.  You can read about it HERE. 

The kids are tucked in bed, the dryer is humming, and stars shine in on my face.  I have turned the noise off.  Would you just take time to do that with me right now?  Turn the noise off.  Give thanks.  Make known His deeds.

Giving thanks tonight for sweet friends.
Newborn skin.
Conception of a tiny gift for my friends who lost a baby several months’ back, His redemption is glorious.
New jobs.  I prayed with a lady to get a new job and she landed it this week.
Friends released from the hospital.

Paintball shenanigans.
Write 31-Day Challenge.

His truth.
Redemptive love.
Pumpkin Patch.
Dirty boys.
Bath time giggles.
Rah Rah Sisterhood.
Encouragement from soul sisters.
Fresh laundry.
Alabama Football.

What are you pausing to give thanks for tonight?

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  1. Love this. Eucharisto is such a gift. And I love your list especially Write 31 Days challenge and Rah Rah Sisterhood.

  2. Laura, my grateful's are long and my whinings are getting shorter the older I get!!! Beautiful post. I hope your Monday is going well.


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