Intro to a Three Part Series: God's glory Protects, Pursues, and Persuades.

12:43 PM

Psalm 111:2-4

Vs2 Great are the WORKS of the Lord, ALL who delight in them ponders them, Vs3 Glorious and Majestic are HIS deeds, and HIS righteousness endures forever. Vs4 HE has caused HIS wonders to be remembered; the Lord is gracious and compassionate.

Great, Glorious, and Majestic are three words used to describe the works, deeds, and wonders of God.  But what about when our life doesn’t always reflect these adjectives? How are we to fully express and grasp this same heart of praise when all around us there is brokenness and tragedies? 

I am going to allow myself to get super duper venerable in the next few days in order to tell of HIS wondrous works in my own life.  I believe that in the days to come as I fully open up my heart that you will experience healing, redemption, and restoration.  I believe that you will hear HIS voice tenderly speak and bring life to dead places in your heart.  I believe that chains of anger and resentment will be released over you and you will come into a FREEDOM you have longed for years to experience, a life free from un-forgiveness, bitterness, and frustration.  I believe you will feel HIS love in a way you have never felt it before.  This is my desire to dwell in the house of the Lord forever, and that you to may be able to dwell in His house forever, and gaze upon the beauty of our Savior and tell of HIS wondrous works He has done in your life.

I do ponder the goodness of the Lord even in the midst of heartache, when heartaches grip us at the deepest parts it is hard sometimes to see HIS goodness.  If you will look, truly open the eyes of your heart to see His hand you can see it and find it and cling to it all the days of your life. 

Ann Voskamp wrote a beautiful book, A thousand gifts.  I recommend this book to EVERYONE, she has a way of teaching how us how to be fully aware and give thanks for HIS goodness even in those moments.  The Lord is truly gracious, compassionate, and righteous.  In my day 5 post I wrote of all the attributes that I say so of Christ and this is why I can say so. 

God’s glory, the essence of who He is, passionately protects me, pursues me, and has persuaded me. 

I will be spending the next three days sharing with you how he protected me when I was just a tender three-year-old girl looking for her mommy, how through my childhood and teen years He relentlessly pursued me, and why in my adulthood I am FULLY convinced that NOTHING will ever separate me from His love. 

Until then run to the drugstore grab some tissues, coffee, and blanket and get ready to read one of the most BEAUTIFUL LOVE stories of all time.  Praying for you today as you face your tragedies and can’t wait to walk with you on your journey to true freedom.  I would love to hear from you in the days to come and even pray with you. 

Grace, Love, And Hugs
~Laura Lynn

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  1. Catching up on reading blogs to which I have subscribed! Thank you for sharing - and I look forward to joining you on the journey to our freedom!


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